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One source previously acknowledged that the Johnsons ‘use Chequers more’ than recent PMs, and the costs are higher as a result.

In May, it was claimed the head housekeeper at the PM’s Chequers residence quit after clashing with Carrie.

Charlotte Vine MBE reportedly left with a payoff in 2020 after signing a non-disclosure agreement.

According to the Times, the departure came after tensions with the premier’s wife. However, a spokeswoman for Mrs Johnson insisted that there was no dispute.

Ms Vine is said to have first worked at the 16th-century Buckinghamshire manor house in 2004.

She left to join the household at another ministerial residence, Dorneywood, before returning to the top job at Chequers.

The Times said Ms Vine faced disciplinary action over ‘inappropriate handling of a personal item’ belonging to Mr Johnson, but this was later dropped and she left with a pay-off in January 2020.

A source told the newspaper that the friction with Mrs Johnson began soon after they began using the residence.

‘Carrie took something Charlotte said completely the wrong way. It started over a catering matter. It led to Carrie refusing to go to Chequers when Charlotte was there.’

A spokeswoman for the PM’s wife told MailOnline: ‘It is untrue to suggest there was a personal dispute between Mrs Johnson and the head housekeeper.

‘Nor was there any request from Mrs Johnson for staffing changes.’

There are also claims that there has been a reduction in the number of staff introduced by David Cameron during the coalition’s austerity drive.

Four more workers are said to have been added since Mr Johnson became PM.

Meanwhile it also emerged last month that emerged Mr Johnson planned a £150,000 treehouse in the grounds of Chequers for his two-year-old son Wilf but abandoned the idea after police raised security concerns.

The Prime Minister and his wife Carrie Johnson wanted to build the structure, which included bulletproof glass, in 2020. According to The Times, there were discussions about having Tory donor Lord Brownlow pay for the project.

Asked if a penny of taxpayer or donor money was spent on plans to build a Chequers treehouse, the PM said: ‘I’m not going to comment on non-existent objects or non-existent jobs to do with my family.’

Meanwhile insiders told only last month how Mr Johnson planned to host a series of ‘barbecues and drinks’ at Chequers for party loyalists to shore up support this summer.

Several barbecues were lined up at the Prime Minister’s grace-and-favour residence as a reward for loyal supporters.

Insiders said the invitation list has been drawn up specifically to include MPs who publicly said they would vote for the Prime Minister in a confidence vote.

Mr Johnson’s ‘summer sausage offensive’ was planned as several events in the second half of July, insiders said.


King Cobra Jersey
King Cobra Jersey

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