100% Recycled Human Part Hawaiian Shirt


100% Recycled Human Part Hawaiian Shirt
100% Recycled Human Part Hawaiian Shirt


Which are the benefits of making a fabric out of Seaweed?

Ana: Seaweed fabric has several benefits for the people who wear it. Our idea, as a clothing manufacturer, is that the careful drying and non-chemical processing of Seaweed allow the material to retain its nutrients. Therefore, iron, calcium, magnesium, Vitamin E, and plenty of antioxidants are locked inside the fibers. Wearers should then gain the benefits as the seaweed makes contact with the skin, which is facilitated through moisture on the skin so that the nutrients are absorbed topically. In theory, this boost of Vitamin E should help nourish tired skin while the antioxidants fight free radicals and slow down the aging process.

What will be the composition of this fabric?

Ana: Our goal was to develop a fabric only made by using seaweed, but unfortunately after some tests we came to the conclusion that it would be impossible. The fabric made only by seaweed was too fragile and after being turn into a t-shirt and a couple washes later, it started to tear. So in order to not loose the concept of sustainability connected to this fabric, came the idea of joining recycled cotton in order to make the fabric more resistant and with a soft touch. So I can say that the final fabric will be composed by only 40% recycled cotton and the other 60% by our seaweeds.

What is the expected reaction to this fabric when it comes to customers?

Ana: We hope for a very positive feedback and that this fabric awakens in each customer a feeling of change and the desire to do better. We developed this fabric and even if it is not sold, we can say that our part is done. We, as a clothing manufacturer, are not responsible for what people end up buying or the decisions they make at the time of purchase, but we are responsible for what we put on the market for those people to buy. In the end, we get a feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment in the creation of a natural alternative to be out in the market.

Final Words:

Create Fashion Brand (CFB) believes in striving to make a change in society. Their globally recognized quality has been winning hearts for the last decades. With the development of this new fabric, CFB’s eco-friendly approach is growing quite rapidly and will reduce carbon footprints and the industry impact in the environment in the current decade.

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Jaffe 01/02: Lisa Jaffe found she had naturally employed sustainable practices in the production of her fashion label, Guillotine, as it made good business sense. (Robert Kersner)

Sustainable fashion entails many practices. The tenets were outlined in 2018 when a global movement towards sustainable fashion, dubbed the Fashion Revolution (a UK-based nonprofit organisation), enjoyed high visibility in South Africa through the Cape Town Fashion Council. Sustainability was one of terms in the manifesto and was defined as relating to fashion that “never unnecessarily destroys or discards but mindfully redesigns and recuperates in a circular way. Fashion is repaired, reused, recycled and upcycled. Our wardrobes and landfills must not overflow with clothes that are coveted but not cherished, bought but not kept.”

Two other terms, transparency and accountability, feature and relate to fashion that advances equal pay and “lifts people out of poverty”.

Twyg, the South African eco-friendly fashion platform established by Jackie May, has an award that highlights ethical labour practices, transparency in the design, manufacturing practices and sourcing of materials and the extent to which materials have been sustainably sourced.

Alexa Schempers’s upcycling fashion design label Rethread was established two years ago, during the pandemic. She says local labels promising eco-friendly fashion tended to offer “simplistic styles in natural fabrics”.

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100% Recycled Human Part Hawaiian Shirt
100% Recycled Human Part Hawaiian Shirt

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