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Mickey’s life, Walt Disney constantly tweaked Mickey’s image and colors so that nearly everyone could not resist his appeal. According to the Walt Disney Company website, in real life Mickey is 69 cm tall and weighs 10 kg, equivalent to the height and weight index of a chubby boy nearly a year old.|Mickey’s personality is also built with children in mind. It’s a funny, intelligent and funny mouse. He often falls into the situation of “thousands of pounds hanging hair” due to his hyperactivity and curiosity. In Mickey, the audience can see Walt Disney’s independent personality, enthusiasm, determination and even lovable distraction during class. “The life and adventures of Mickey Mouse are closely related to my personal life and career,” Walt Disney shared.|Creating the soul of the famous mouse, there are people closest to Walt Disney’s life and career, that is his partner Ub Iwerks – who inspired the mouse to bring joy to everyone, It was his wife Lillian – who convinced Walt Disney to name his mouse Mickey. Walt Disney did not forget to mention a part of “clown king” Charlie Chaplin in the character Mickey: “We realize that the public, especially children, like small but agile animals. I think we owe Charlie Chaplin an idea. We wanted something exciting, and we thought of a little mouse with the same desire as Chaplin – a little friend who tries as hard as he can.”

Mickey nope not adulting today shirt
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