God surrounded by whippet poster

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In the 11th century, in 1054, messengers from the Roman Church came to place on the altar at the Basilica of Santa Sophia in Constantinople of the Eastern Church, a Papal Decree, severing ties with the Eastern Church, and punish the Patriarch.|At that time, the Patriarch of the Church, Michael, immediately summoned the Eastern Church, retaliated, by declaring his break with the Roman Church and punishing the Pope.|From this event, the Eastern Church established Orthodoxy (Orthodoxie), with the meaning of being orthodox religion, not heresy as criticized by the Pope. (See back: Major Tribes of Christianity).|In the 12th and 13th centuries, under two Popes: Grégoire VII (1073-1085) and Innocent (1198-1216), the power of the Roman Church was very strong, making kings of all countries submit to the Pope. The Pope has the power to crown and crown Emperors.|In the 12th and 13th centuries, the Roman Church joined forces with the Emperors of Europe, waging seven Holy Wars, lasting 175 years, from 1096 to 1270, against the Muslim armies in Turkey. Ky, but did not bring any victory, had to withdraw his troops. The number of people who died in those 7 holy wars was very large.

God surrounded by whippet poster
God surrounded by whippet poster as

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