Undead Rider Hawaiian Shirt


Undead Rider Hawaiian Shirt
Undead Rider Hawaiian Shirt



Pigs are a small mob type in Minecraft that spawn in most grassy biomes. They can also be found in animal pens inside villages. You can kill the pigs to get pork chops, or you can place saddles on top of them to ride the pigs. But you have to use a carrot on a stick to drive it around.

As for their unique mechanics, pigs can turn into Zombified Piglin, a neutral undead mob, when lightning strikes. But more on that later. Finally, to breed pigs in Minecraft, you must feed them carrots, potatoes, or beetroots.


Pufferfishes are a unique type of passive mob in the game. They are the only passive mob that can damage the player, but they do so unintentionally. You can only find the pufferfish in the lukewarm oceans of Minecraft. Unlike other fishes, the pufferfishes swim alone and not in groups, but they also can’t survive outside the water or breed in any way.

What makes pufferfishes genuinely unique is their defense mechanism. If another mob or player gets too close to the pufferfish, it instantly inflates and deals poison-based damage to nearby entities. When it feels safer, it slowly deflates back to its tiny form.


Just like the Minecraft frogs, the rabbits also have various color variants, depending upon their spawn biome. You can find yellow rabbits in the desert, white and black & white in snowy areas, and black, brown, and brown & white rabbits in the hilly biomes. The rabbits usually hop around aimlessly and are prone to attacks by wolves and foxes.

You can breed rabbits by giving them carrots, golden carrots, or dandelions. But there is no way to tame them.


Similar to cods, salmon is a common passive aquatic mob in Minecraft that spawns in oceans and rivers. When killed, they are a reliable food source, and you can find a group of up to seven salmons at once to quench your hunger. As you might expect, salmons can’t survive on land or breed like other fishes.


In survival game mode, sheep are Minecraft’s primary source of wool and mutton. You can find them in most of the grassy biomes of the game. They can have a variety of colors, and if you have some dye, you can use it on the sheep to dye its wool. Then you can use shears to collect colored wool without killing the sheep.

Like other domestic animals’ counterparts, sheep also can’t be tamed in Minecraft. But you can still breed sheep using wheat. The color of the baby sheep is a mixture of its parents’ colors. Also, as an easter egg, you can name a sheep “jeb_” making its wool will cycle through all possible colors.

Skeleton Horse

Even though they might look scary, Minecraft’s skeleton horses are passive undead mobs. They are a variant of horses that appear when a regular horse gets stricken by lightning. These skeleton horses can be ridden and tamed by the player and are one of the fastest means of transportation in Minecraft. They can even jump way higher than regular horses and players.

Snow Golem

Like an iron golem, the snow golems are utility mobs that attack hostile mobs with snowballs. But they don’t mind the players even if they attack the snow golems directly. These golems also leave a trail of snow behind wherever they go.

You can create a snow golem by stacking two snow blocks vertically on top of one another and putting a pumpkin, a carved pumpkin, or a jack o’lantern on top.


Squids are ordinary aquatic mobs that you can find in the oceans and rivers of Minecraft. They use their tentacles for swimming and can’t survive outside the water. They generally don’t interact with the players and release blank ink when attacked. You can kill them to get ink sacs in Minecraft. But ensure not to overdo it, as there is no way to breed the squids.

Glow Squid

Ported from the retired Minecraft Earth game, the glow squids are aquatic mobs that spawn in dark underwater areas. You can find them in underwater ravines and deep lakes. They are a glowing variant of the regular squids, but their luminance only truly shows with RTX or if you use one of these best Minecraft shaders. Glow squids can’t breed either.



Undead Rider Hawaiian Shirt
Undead Rider Hawaiian Shirt

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