New York Yankees Grey Baseball Jersey


New York Yankees Grey Baseball Jersey

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New York Yankees Grey Baseball Jersey
New York Yankees Grey Baseball Jersey


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Major League Baseball and Nike introduced the City Connect series during the 2021 season to shake up uniform design across the sport in the most dramatic fashion since the league introduced the Turn Ahead the Clock alternates in the late 1990s.

Nike has worked with each MLB team to craft a uniform that expresses the personality and communities of the team’s home city. Last year saw the launch of seven City Connect uniforms: for the Arizona Diamondbacks, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, Miami Marlins and San Francisco Giants. The unveilings continued this season with seven more: the Washington Nationals, Houston Astros, Kansas City Royals, Colorado Rockies, Los Angeles Angels, Milwaukee Brewers and San Diego Padres.

After taking over as the uniform supplier for the NFL and the NBA, Nike pushed for radical uniform-design changes in those leagues, a move that is now making its way into the baseball world. While some MLB traditionalists have scoffed, many of the designs have sold out quickly after their unveiling.

With some of the designs more polarizing than others, here’s our breakdown of the uniforms that have dropped to date — and how we rank them.

Debut: June 4, 2022, vs. Atlanta Braves

Design inspiration: Colorado’s uniform pays homage to the mountains that give the team its name, with a predominantly green look reflecting the state’s signature pine trees. It features several flourishes, such as a new circle logo on the hat in red (for soil) and gold (for sunshine), along with the state’s “CO” abbreviation. The logo and number font also pay tribute to the state’s distinctive license plate.

Fan reception: The Rockies’ uniforms received a polarizing reaction from fans. Many praised the look’s local ties to their state’s license plate, and some fans across baseball called them the best uniform since City Connect started (as we are doing here!). Others rated them among the worst, however, with some even likening their design to a beer ad.

Verdict: The Rockies have unveiled a design that is distinctive from the rest of their existing uniform set without feeling completely out of left field. The Rockies paid an exceptional amount of attention to detail, creating a look that feels both fresh and classic.

Debut: June 5, 2021, vs. Detroit Tigers

Design inspiration: Chicago’s uniform displays “Southside” in gray Gothic font, a nod to the Greystone architectural style of Chicago. The team’s dark gray pinstriped pants also provide a unique design touch not often seen in baseball today. The look resembles the Turn Back the Clock uniforms the team wore in tribute to the Chicago American Giants. Nike and the White Sox also say the design was inspired by the team’s influence in hip-hop culture.

Fan reception: Of the various City Connect uniforms, the White Sox received the strongest positive reaction from fans, with the jerseys selling out quickly on the day they were made available in the White Sox team store.

Verdict: The White Sox became the first team in the series to experiment with pants that weren’t white, and made a statement with the pinstriped look. While the Gothic-style font could be divisive and stands out as the most distinctive element of this uniform set, this set’s ability to both differentiate itself while staying true to the White Sox makes it stand out from the pack.

Debut: May 21, 2021, vs. New York Mets

Design inspiration: The Marlins went with a bright-red pinstriped uniform and a predominantly blue hat with a red bill. The jerseys pay tribute to the Sugar Kings, a Triple-A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds that played in Cuba from 1946 through 1960. Both the uniform patch and the logo on the hat call back to the original Sugar Kings logo. The uniform is not an exact copy of the Sugar Kings’ jersey, which was white and featured red pinstripes.

Fan reception: A largely positive response on social media greeted the Marlins uniforms, which deviated from the “Miami Vice” theme that Nike could have easily defaulted to after the positive reception for the Miami Heat alternates. Given the history of bold uniforms in Marlins franchise history, the faux throwback to the Sugar Kings falls right in line with the team’s closet of jerseys.

Verdict: While the connection to the Sugar Kings isn’t explicitly Miami, the city does have a massive Cuban population, and the uniform’s colors fit in with the pastel aesthetic that colors the city.

Debut: April 9, 2022, vs. Mets

Design inspiration: The Nationals’ uniforms weave together two recognizable elements of our nation’s capital: its signature cherry blossoms and a typeface that resembles D.C.’s neoclassical architecture. The uniform also features the city’s flag on the sleeve of a dark-gray jersey with cream pants.

Fan reception: The Nationals received near universal praise from fans on social media for the uniform reveal, with some calling it the team’s best. The integration of the cherry blossoms on the hat garnered acclaim, while some wished the team went further in leaning all the way into the pink theme, similar to the Washington Wizards, who unveiled a cherry blossom uniform at the same time. Even fans of rival teams acknowledged that the Nationals designed one of the best City Connect alternates, while others praised the color and coordination between a baseball and basketball team in the same town.

Verdict: The uniforms strike a great balance — being both fashion-forward and evoking the city’s character. The cherry blossom design doesn’t fall flat like the fog elements incorporated in the Giants’ uniforms (see below). The surprising colors in a grounded design make this one of the best in the City Connect series.


New York Yankees Grey Baseball Jersey
New York Yankees Grey Baseball Jersey

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