Ken Street Fighter 3D Bedding Sets


Ken Street Fighter 3D Bedding Sets 

The Bedding Sets is a perfect option for any occasion. Wear it to the beach, out on your day-to—it’s versatile and fun! The colorful pattern will put you in good spirits no matter what kind of moody weather we’re having that particular season; plus this attire isn’t just great with guys but also girls who want some extra flair 

Ken Street Fighter 3D Bedding Sets
Ken Street Fighter 3D Bedding Sets


Street Fighter veteran character Ken Masters was redesigned for Street Fighter V, and now, Capcom has shed some light on why it went a new direction with not only his look, but also his moveset.

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Street Fighter V – Ken Reveal Trailer

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“Ken looks fine [laughs],” Capcom brand manager Mike Lunn told IGN at PAX South when asked by the interviewer why Ken looks “so weird” in the game. “People say he looks a little bit different. He looks a little bit different, his hair is a little bit different; he now has that kind of sporty shirt on as well.”

“Not only that, but we made him play a lot different as well. So I think the team wanted to separate the two a little more, so it wasn’t a ‘white ninja dude, red ninja dude,'” Lunn explained.

Ken was confirmed for Street Fighter V last summer during San Diego Comic-Con, at which time Capcom also showcased his new look. Fans of the series immediately noticed that Ken was given a big redesign; he sports longer hair pulled back in a ponytail, much like his younger, Alpha period incarnation.

For more on Ken’s new look and moves, check out the video above.

Street Fighter V launches on February 16 in North America and Europe for PS4 and PC, supporting cross-play between both platforms. Just recently, Capcom announced a story mode for the game will launch this summer as a free update.

For lots more on the game and the Street Fighter franchise overall, check out GameSpot’s in-depth interview with executive producer Yoshinori Ono.

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Ken Street Fighter 3D Bedding Sets
Ken Street Fighter 3D Bedding Sets


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