Belikin Beer Baseball Jersey


Belikin Beer Baseball Jersey
Belikin Beer Baseball Jersey


The ongoing stoppage of shootings and the never-ending meetings of Active Producers Guild has created rift among producers.

The majority of producers belong to the same community and have friendships.

Due to the current situation, their relations strained. The other day in a private party, a partner in a big production company and another producer had a big fight.

Each shouted and used expletives at each other. Both claimed the other person is producing B grade stuff.

At another party thrown by another producer when his brother came from the USA, two producers had an a heated argument.

One of the lost cool and threw beer bottle at the other producer. The other producer also threw beer bottle and the beer spilled onto a third producer who was having his drink. His shirt was spoiled.

Not all logos are created equal, and nobody knows this better than Graphic Logo Man, who’s been a font nerd ever since he discovered Neville Brody as a student. A designer/ architect/ copywriter/ art director by trade, to say he overthinks the logos on his T-shirts is an understatement.

He has a proud selection of vintage Atari, Sega and Mythos (it’s a Greek beer) T-shirts amassed from the frequent trips he took to New York, Tokyo and Athens, back in the day before he had kids and loved nothing better than rooting around second-hand shops for obscure, imaginative finds. But RedBubble ruined things: now, anyone with a credit card and £25.99 can buy a Sega T-shirt, and don’t even get him started on the preponderance of NASA tees flooding the shops. That he now can’t stomach wearing his own, original NASA tee – bought for £85 from a shop in the Shimokitazawa district in the ’90s – is still a sore point. As is the fact that his teenage daughter has taken to wearing it as a nightie.

Superdry Man

Shopping outlets have a lot to answer for. So, too, does David Beckham. Between them, these sartorial bellwethers have created a monster, and its name is Superdry Man. At BBQs all over the country, you can see him in his natural habitat, next to the Weber, swigging on a Peroni as the burgers gently char.

In his mind, Superdry is the sort of T-shirt that nobody can call you a w—– for wearing, because, well, it’s Superdry. Which is why he has 15 of them, including a white one that says Superdry in black letters, a khaki one that says Superdry in yellow letters and a washed-out black one that says Superdry Vintage in a retro font. His grey Osaka 6 T-shirt, bought in 2005 shortly after Becks wore it, he keeps for special occasions. He doesn’t want any BBQ detritus splattering onto that, thanks.

White T-Shirt Man

He’s old enough to know who James Dean is, and tasteful enough to admire the classic white T-shirt the fabled actor wore in Rebel Without A Cause, as well as the one sported by Marlon Brando in The Wild One.

After a few too many Red Stripes, his wife once spotted him posing in front of the mirror, ciggie in mouth, doing his best Brando impression, an effect somewhat ruined by the fact that the ciggie in question was actually a blueberry flavoured vape. Alas, the lack of similarities between White T Shirt Man and his idol in The Wild One days don’t stop there. Far be it from his wife to body shame – she loves a well-upholstered man – but she does wish he’d buy his white T-shirts a couple of sizes up, and with a touch less Lycra in the mix. White is such an unforgiving colour on a paunch.

Young producers and big producers are not on the same page due to Guild activities.

Belikin Beer Baseball Jersey
Belikin Beer Baseball Jersey



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