You don’t stop racing when you get old poster

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Previously, on the afternoon of March 26, about 100 people blocked cars on Highway 1, a section through An Huu commune, Cai Be district to illegally race cars, causing chaos on the road. The police identified Nguyen Anh Tuan (19 years old; living in Hoa Hung commune, Cai Be district) as the person who directly blocked cars on the road for other young people to perform and race cars. Tran Do Chau (21 years old, living in Hoa Hung commune) is a racing cheerleader and is responsible for filming clips.|These “monsters” gathered around, swerving, hammock, boo… The police worked with 11 teenagers and seized 8 motorbikes. The teenagers have admitted to the following behaviors: stopping, cheering, filming racing videos, pulling cars, not wearing helmets, performing unicycles, changing the engine structure, shape and characteristics of the vehicle. machine…|According to Senior Colonel Nguyen Van Dung, Head of the Traffic Police Department of Tien Giang Province, recently, the Tien Giang Provincial Police have been very aggressive in handling illegal racing and towing. However, because these objects have many ways of dealing with them, they are difficult to handle.|”The subjects used social networks in a closed group and then arranged a place and time to race illegally. On the other hand, when the subjects were preparing to race, they also sent people to monitor the weekly working groups. Even if there is a guard right in front of the gate, when detecting the traffic police, they should notify the group of people preparing to race to withdraw immediately.Usually, these subjects only race within 10-15 minutes. If the traffic police had received the news and arrived, the group of racers would have dispersed,” said Colonel Dung.

You don&#8217;t stop racing when you get old poster
You dont stop racing when you get old poster as

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