Messi 10 champion shirt, hoodie

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The harmful effects of BPA-containing plastic packaging also impair the growth and reproductive function of animals. Studies also show that people with high levels of BPA are at increased risk for diseases such as diabetes, liver toxicity, heart disease and brain damage|Toxic chemicals are released during the production of plastic packaging|The composition of plastic bags includes many neurotoxins, carcinogens and hormone disrupting chemicals. Some of these chemicals are also emitted as a by-product of plastic production. When emitted, they end up in our ecosystems through soil, water and air pollution.|Plastic bags cause children to have lung complications|According to the World Health Organization, when pregnant women are exposed to high concentrations of Phthalates and BPA, chemical compounds found in plastic, they can give birth to babies with lung problems.|These children may also be at higher risk of developing asthma later in life. Furthermore, children’s exposure to these chemicals has been linked to increased insulin resistance and high blood pressure. According to the New York University School of Medicine, the problem is largely responsible for the outbreaks of childhood obesity and diabetes. It has also been linked to kidney and heart complications.|Harm of plastic packaging on fertility in women|Some chemicals used in the production of plastic packaging, especially BPA, act like estrogen. In the long term, these chemicals can interfere with hormonal balance in women and affect fertility. Furthermore, studies have linked BPA to breast cancer in animals. This chemical has also been linked to thyroid problems and neurological disorders in humans.|Plastic may increase prostate cancer risk in men|While the chemicals associated with plastics largely affect women and children, men are also at risk. According to research

Messi 10 champion shirt, hoodie
Messi 10 champion shirt hoodie 11

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