Italia it’s coming to rome shirt

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In the opposite direction, this match Belgium owns a striker who is considered a giant of world football. Lukaku is 28 years old, 1.91 tall and weighs 93 kg.|Striker Lukaku shines in the goal from the 11m spot to shorten the score.|Lukaku shows he is an integral part of Belgium’s strength. In one of their tackles in the first half stoppage time, the team was awarded a penalty.|Lukaku scored the goal to shorten the score to 1-2 for Belgium, opening the hope of coming back.|It seems that the team with the highest average age in the tournament, Belgium, cannot keep up with the extremely fast playing style of Italy. They worked very hard to stop not only the “tiny” Lorenzo Insigne but also the diverse Italian attack. Not losing more is probably also a success for the “Red Devils” defense.|The Belgian team has many dangerous counter-attacks. But they seem to be caught up in the fast Italian play without being able to reorganize their inherent rhythm of playing.|Continuously many counter-attacks have passed because Lukaku’s header does not hit the ball, even in the 62nd minute, De Bruyne entered the penalty box to eliminate the Italian goalkeeper, but Lukaku hit the Italian center-back with only about 1m with goal.|Italy replaced two players in the 74th minute and continued to maintain their extremely high-speed ball play.

Italia it&#8217;s coming to rome shirt


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