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In fact, she is also a pious lamb of God. Never had any thoughts of apostasy or anything… I’m on the side of salary, even though I don’t worship Buddhism or Catholicism or any other religion. But my family did not want me to marry a Catholic. Because those are the thoughts that affect family education and children’s career opportunities later. Me and you had to agree a lot, share a lot. to come to a consensus of the two: to come to each other; I’m willing to go to school and have a christening to marry you so that you and your mom won’t have to be ashamed of me. When children grow up, they want to follow them or not, but they can’t be forced or forbidden.|- I’m a very understanding and reasonable guy, always doing how to make my lover and me less uncomfortable (and I accept that it’s okay for me to scold you). If you and I also think a little less, don’t be too afraid of the sound of my ears. Maybe I’ve been happy for a long time. Although the love I have for her has never waned. But there are times when I feel so helpless that I can’t do more than that. I feel like I don’t want to live in this world anymore, I wish I could meet the Buddha – And God I will ask the superior why he gave us life love that cannot come together because of love. Why do we still have to distinguish between this and that in this cs, so that when we realize those things are wrong, it’s not good, it’s time to prepare to leave this place forever.|- If we are not too religious, maybe we will have more ways to come to each other. I do not blame and have never blamed you. Because I “love you” a sincere and passionate t.y. Always want to do the best for you. I don’t want you to shed tears because of pressure, prejudice, and social constraints.

God surrounded by Pug angels Poster
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