Black girl you are beautiful victorious enough strong amazing poster

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Ms. Chua said that learning rice is “undervalued in the United States”, while she believes that learning rice helps to improve the mind, endure bravery and give us a sense of achievement through exertion. After your child excels – in school, playing the piano, swimming – they find the activity more fun and valuable (this concept is also evident in the TheKarate Kid and Kung Fu series). Panda). The tiger mother believes that: tiger cubs are steadfast, not weak, the mother always prepares them for the future and proves her mother’s love through great sacrifices.|In working with several hundred Western students each year, I feel that they should also be a little more Asian. Many times they forget the two main duties of students: silence and obedience. Western students often think they benefit from tweets, blogs, SMS, rather than needing to learn from teachers or books. Sometimes because they are so busy “multi-tasking” (doing many things at once), they do not get any results. Of course, many Asian students nowadays also lack concentration and mental training; these people should also be more Asian.|To understand how Westerners see Ta people, you should know that each side is not perfect and each has traits and characteristics that can help the other. Of course the Vietnamese have known this for a long time. In its long history, the Vietnamese have repeatedly had to borrow, adapt, and blend influences from abroad, influences that after a while Vietnamese considered them “his own”.|“There is no pure culture,” is the reminder of researcher Huu Ngoc. “It’s all a mix.” This concept is evidenced in the myths of ethnic origin (“Dragons and children of Fairy”), language (national language), religion (three religions), fashion (ao dai) and food (pho). Therefore, if the past is a guide for the present, then Vietnamese young people who move to the West need not fear being contaminated by foreign cultures that make them sacred. We exist in the middle of East, West and elsewhere, and at the same time remain proud Vietnamese.

Black girl you are beautiful victorious enough strong amazing poster

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