Ballet god says you are poster

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Men and women changing clothes together, punishment for dancing naked, and women being punished to dance naked in front of men, are regulations that students of a ballet school in China must abide by.|Sacrifices in art or sports schools are known to many as “sufferings”. But the “confessions” of girls studying in a ballet school in Guangdong (China) below surprise many people:|”The first is to select talent, everyone knows that, in art schools, admissions often emphasize appearance, the lower body must be 12 cm longer than the upper body. I’m lucky. luckily, my lower body is 13 cm taller than my upper body. That’s why I was accepted into the school. Our school is in Guangdong and you know what, we discovered a lot of “underground rules” that people other unknowable in art schools:|We men and women change clothes together, without any cover to practice reflexes when performing.|There are a few boys who “react” so hard to control, teachers often tell us to help them deal with it. And of course, the female student who has to stand up to do this is the worst student, the most lazy to go to class. And helping him “be happy with his hands” is the “helping mission” assigned, you won’t believe it, right?

Ballet god says you are poster
Ballet god says you are poster as

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