Thank you so much for to playing my game Hawaiian Shirt


Thank you so much for to playing my game Hawaiian Shirt
Thank you so much for to playing my game Hawaiian Shirt

For as long as I can remember, my favorite shirt was a Hawaiian shirt. It had the perfect colors and it made me feel so much better about myself when I wore it. One day I woke up to find that someone had stolen my beloved Hawaiian shirt! That’s why now every time you play this game, your mission is to go out there and get me back what was taken from me.

I’m so glad you wanted to play the game Hawaiian Shirt. It’s a lot of fun and I can tell you that there are plenty of other users who want to buy it as well! But first, let’s start by answering some questions. What color shirt do you like? Would this be your first time wearing a sea-faring attire? With all these options, we can make sure your decision is perfect for YOU.

Thanks for taking the time to play my game, Hawaiian Shirt. I hope you enjoyed all of the graphics and that it helped take your mind off things for a while. Making games is one of the few things in life that feels like I’m doing something productive. It’s always nice when someone takes an interest in what I do. The whole process was very rewarding because people are trying to make their way through this mess we call life, one level at a time. That means something to me…

“Hey, you! You’re not getting away this time!” shouted the man in the Hawaiian shirt. He was chasing after only one person at this point, and it just so happened to be who he wanted to capture most of all. “It’s over for you now!”
He had caught up with him easily when his prey tripped on a rock that was sticking out of the grassy field they were running through. The pursuer could see victory shining in front of him, but then something unexpected happened; something miraculous. A bright light shone down from above, illuminating everything around them like an angelic spotlight shining straight down onto its target spot. It encompassed both men like a protective cloak until they saw before them what appeared

Dear Customer, I’m sorry you had to play my game. It was really hard to make it and I didn’t know what to do with the leftover pieces of cloth. But thanks for playing anyways! If you want a Hawaiian Shirt just buy the product from Amazon and support me by subscribing on Youtube first then telling your friends about this post or sending out a tweet. Thank You for understanding,


Thank you so much for to playing my game Hawaiian Shirt

Thank you so much for to playing my game Hawaiian Shirt
Thank you so much for to playing my game Hawaiian Shirt

You put on your Hawaiian shirt and smile to yourself. It’s such a beautiful day outside, and you know that this is the perfect outfit for it. You head out of your room and walk down the stairs where you see your mom sitting at the kitchen table with her back turned to you.
Suddenly, she turns around and yells “Didn’t I tell you not to wear that old thing?”

“Hey!” A voice suddenly yelled. I turned around to see a woman with brown hair and glasses, wearing a Hawaiian shirt that read “Thank You For Playing.”
She seemed to be waving at me.
I shrugged my shoulders before turning back around, only for the woman to yell again.
“Hello? Are you there?” she asked urgently as she walked up towards me. As I tried not to make eye contact, her tone changed from demanding to apologetic in an instant. The next thing I knew she was saying sorry for yelling earlier before explaining how much it would mean if people bought her product because it’s really difficult starting off as the newest game designer in town so please buy it today! Her sweet demeanor made


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