Snoopy Happy Christmas Tumbler


Snoopy Happy Christmas Tumbler
Snoopy Happy Christmas Tumbler

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here is my Peanuts discussion image.

natural person: Heather Wold

whatever you definitely know, to her I can’t say no, in her hair she wears a bow, she’s a pearl from head to toe.

Heather, or as Charlie Brown calls her as a result of her radiant orange-purple hair, the Little dark red Haired woman, isn’t handiest adorable and brilliant outwardly, however she’s all that on the inside as well.

in the principal specific she showed up in, Heather didn’t mind that Charlie Brown failed the soccer match. I’m speculating she saw Lucy pull the soccer a long way from Charlie Brown while no individual else did. Furthermore, she turned out to be so enchanted when Charlie Brown kissed her.

Heather loves Charlie Brown for who he’s. Magnanimous, chose, courageous, and doing each seemingly insignificant detail he may to win her expressions of warmth, prevailing inside the end.

Decent notices: Janice Emmons, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Marcie, Linus van Pelt, Peppermint Patty, Sally Brown, Woodstock, Rerun van Pelt

Detested persona: N/A

No. I don’t loathe Lucy or Violet or unique Patty.

Exaggerated character: N/A

not even Snoopy. The commendation he gets is legitimized.

Underestimated character: Janice Emmons

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