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On the off chance that a film have been made about Al Kohanowich’s ways of life, it very well may be hard to believe it is a genuine story.

Kohanowich was a two-game VIP at Hempstead unnecessary school and acquired the 1948 Thorp Award, which is given to Nassau County’s right football member. In tune, he set the region list in the high leap the equivalent a year. He proceeded to contend in each sports on the establishment of Notre Dame, where he played football for unbelievable train Frank Leahy.

After personnel, Kohanowich joined the Marine Corps in 1953 and have turned into a helicopter pilot. He acquired the unique Flying cross, the Air Medal and a purple coronary heart for his valor completely through battle missions inside the Vietnam struggle.

“My father resembled John Wayne, he genuinely turned into,” his child, Kurt Kohanowich, 58, of California, discussed. “He was only an exceptionally emotionless person who all the time had a positive mental viewpoint.”

Albert Kohanowich kicked the bucket on July 28 at his home in San Diego, California, his family noticed. He changed into ninety.

In Vietnam, Kohanowich would fly salvage missions to extricate injured Marines from the front line, every so often beneath substantial chimney. He was shot in the leg and the hand completely through a mission on Feb. 23, 1966.

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