MLB Cincinnati Reds Baseball Jacket


MLB Cincinnati Reds Baseball Jacket


MLB Cincinnati Reds Baseball Jacket
MLB Cincinnati Reds Baseball Jacket

It’s a chilly April day for Cincinnati Reds fans. A chill runs through the stadium as all eyes are on the pitcher and batter, standing so still they could have been statues. On this wind-ridden evening, there will be no home run to save the day. The Reds lose another one in a row. In that moment of grief felt by everyone from players to spectators, I see him: my hero of sorts – he won’t settle for being just an ordinary man. He is not simply content with his life as an average baseball fan wearing just any old jacket or shirt; he wants more than what anyone else can offer him – a coat of honor worthy of his team’s colors!

It’s cold outside. It’s winter, and I have to walk around with this jacket on all day because it can’t just be one time that I don’t want to bundle up because the weather is so nice. This is ridiculous.

I was walking home from work when I heard a holler coming from somewhere near my right side, “HEY!” A man in his late twenties or early thirties was running towards me at full speed. He seemed panicked but there wasn’t any visible reason for why he would feel that way other than maybe he had lost something?

“Hey! Hey! Can you help me find my dog?” The man asks after finally reaching me where we were now standing face-to

I was at the Cincinnati Reds game, cheering on my team. We were loosing 1-2 when I realized that it’s starting to get cold outside. I start looking for something to keep me warm while keeping my fandom strong. A salesman walks by and tells about this awesome jacket with the reds logo on it! It comes in all sizes for men or women. The price is super reasonable too! So I go ahead and buy one…

MLB Cincinnati Reds Baseball Jacket

MLB Cincinnati Reds Baseball Jacket
MLB Cincinnati Reds Baseball Jacket

You’re in Cincinnati. You just got off work and want to avoid the rain. You rush out of your office building, but you don’t make it far before you hear someone call for help. It’s an old lady who can’t get up off the ground. She’s on her way home from church when she tripped over a rock and twisted her ankle badly; now, there is no one around to help her get back up again, so she needs some assistance getting inside her house before she catches pneumonia! Luckily, you’re near by and able to help this kind woman into her home safely without any issues – but then disaster strikes! The next day at work your coworkers ask about your jacket because they wanted to know where it came from

I would walk into the store, and see this jacket hanging on a wall. I would think about how it looks so good on me. I bet all my friends will be jealous of me when they come to watch games with me!

The game is winding down and Cincinnati has scored their fifth run of the inning. With one out left, I’m up at bat with the bases loaded. I sprint to home plate; this could be my chance to make my team’s lead unassailable. The pitcher throws me a tight curveball low in the dirt, which I manage to pull foul into right field for an easy ground-rule double that scores all three runners on base. As soon as my teammates mobbed me, our dugout exploded with joyous cheers and high fives from every Reds player until we’re interrupted by an unusual sight: A man wearing a blue jacket over his red shirt rushes onto the field—a look-alike of mine? He runs

I tossed the Cincinnati Reds baseball jacket in my shopping cart. I wasn’t sure if it was worth $45 but this was the only one they had left so I took a chance. Clearly, no one else wanted to buy it either. It seemed like an easy decision when I saw how faded and frayed the other jackets were on display next to it.
The wind picked up as I walked outside, whipping my hair into knots against my neck. The sky was dark with storm clouds rolling in from the horizon. The smell of rain lingered in the air – that pleasant earthy smell that reminded me of homecoming weekend last fall when we all got soaked running through puddles together. And then there’s nothing better than sitting

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