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Mastodon Band Hawaiian Shirt
Mastodon Band Hawaiian Shirt

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Brent Hinds Of Mastodon Hospitalized After Assault, Anticipated To Make Full Recuperation

After Mastodon’s exhibition at the 2007 MTV Video tune Award, entertainer/guitarist Brent Hind was in a battle and hospitalized in a Las Vegas center where he remains.

The most recent examinations coming from neighborhood police say that Hinds became intoxicated at the hour of the attack. Security digicam pictures caught of the occurrence viewpoint to Hinds in light of the fact that the provocateur; police brought up he’d wiped out his shirt and begun hitting his attacker with it before he become thumped to the ground. Hinds’ nose become also broken, and he supported two bruised eyes.

as per the band’s manager,Nick John:

randomly, it looks he’s going to [make a full recovery], All I do know is he had a foul head harm, broken nose and passed out eyes. He doesn’t think about a decent arrangement.

The band dispatched the truly acclaimed Blood Mountain last yr

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