Mac Miller Don’t trip baseball Jersey

Mac Miller Don’t trip baseball Jersey


Mac Miller Don’t trip baseball Jersey
Mac Miller Don’t trip baseball Jersey

I was always a huge fan of Mac Miller. He had been doing this for years now and I could not believe that he passed away.

“Why is the world so cruel? What did we do to deserve something like this,” my mom said with tears in her eyes. She never listens to his music but she knew who he was because everyone knew him or at least heard a song from him one time or another.

It was a cold Saturday in May, and I had the day off. But not only did I have the day off, but it also happened to be one of my favorite guys’ birthday. Of course, that meant I needed to get him something awesome for his 21st birthday. You see, he didn’t really like all the craziness and drama that went with turning 21 (or any other age). So when planning his birthday party, we decided to keep it simple: just pizza at his house with some close friends and family members over for cake afterward- no games or crazy decorations or anything like that.

I was in my bedroom when I heard a knock on my front door. I walk out of my room and look through the peephole. It’s Mac Miller! He is holding up his new “Don’t trip Baseball Jersey” with a large smile on his face.

I open the door, he hands me one, and we both make our way back to my room where it has become an impromptu rap studio. We are sitting at each other’s side with him listening closely to what I have written that day by blowing into the microphone while giving me feedback about how good or bad that particular verse is then laughing accordingly afterwards which made for some really great vibes between us.

Mac Miller Don’t trip baseball Jersey


Mac Miller Don’t trip baseball Jersey
Mac Miller Don’t trip baseball Jersey

“What is up, man? I just wanted to let you know that the shirt will arrive in time for your birthday. The last one was a little late but this one will be different!” The voice on the other line was cheerful and excited. They hung up before my friend could reply with an ‘okay’ or anything else. He had ordered a Mac Miller jersey two months ago, but it seemed like they were taking their sweet time about delivering it to him.

He shrugged his shoulders and went back to what he was doing before his phone started ringing- sitting out in front of the apartment building waiting for people who didn’t live there to walk by so he could sell them dime bags

He had been in this position before. He was up to bat with two outs and runners on first and third. The pitcher throws him a fastball right down the middle, he takes careful aim for the ball, swings his bat swiftly around in an arc-like motion, sending it sailing into foul territory. It wasn’t enough though; they lost by one run, once again. “It’s alright John you played amazing tonight! You did everything you could possibly do!” His mom said consolingly as they walked out of the stadium together at sunset after what must have been their twentieth game without winning one. “I love you so much son! Don’t ever stop trying your hardest because I know

The fabric of the shirt rubbed against my face as I walked through the crowded stadium. It was hot and humid, and I felt like it was suffocating me. Everyone around me seemed to be in a good mood which made me feel weirdly out of place, but at least they were all wearing bright colors so it wasn’t too difficult for them to find one another without being too lost in the crowd. The stands weren’t anything special- just wooden benches with metal seats that looked uncomfortable- but if you looked past that there were people everywhere cheering on their team or sipping soda while eating nachos from plastic cups.
One side of the field had an area where people could come up after getting autographs

When I was a young boy, my dad and I would go to the batting cages and play ball. We were baseball buddies!
I wasn’t always good at hitting the ball when they pitched it, but one day when they started pitching from behind me instead of in front of me, I hit every pitch. My father had said that maybe they should have been teaching me how to field since their pitching made it so easy for me to swing.
Since then we’ve been going back and forth between practices until finally my skills evened out with both hitting and fielding.

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