Horror Scary Halloween Carving Hawaiian Shirt


Horror Scary Halloween Carving Hawaiian Shirt


Horror Scary Halloween Carving Hawaiian Shirt
Horror Scary Halloween Carving Hawaiian Shirt

I was a beautiful Hawaiian shirt. I hung from a clothesline, drying in the hot sun. The soft cotton fabric felt so cool and comfortable against my skin as it slid over me. I could have been any ordinary shirt but for one thing: someone carved an awful face into me! I knew that whoever did this would come back to collect their work of art, putting holes in my head and slicing up the rest of my body until they made me look like some sort of horror scary Halloween carving!

“It’s the most wonderful time of year!” Mike shouted as he pulled his ride to a stop on the side of the road. He set out from Pennsylvania and managed to make it all the way to Hawaii in just two days. It was looking like this would be an extra special Halloween for him, but he didn’t know what was coming next. “I’m so glad I decided against dressing up as something too scary for trick-or-treating,” he said with a laugh, unrolling his suitcase and grabbing his carving kit before heading down towards town to see if there were any good costumes left at WalMart. As soon as he got off the boardwalk though, someone bumped into him hard enough that they both tumbled

The carver looked at the blank shirt and debated on how he would carve. A scene from a horror movie? A pumpkin? His mind then drifted to his ten-year old son, who was patiently waiting for him in the living room. The youth’s blue eyes and freckles danced before him as he recalled their last hunting trip together:

“What did you see?” asked the child eagerly. “I saw a deer!” said his father with excitement. They were both so proud of themselves! It had been an exhausting hunt but it was worth it when they finally spotted one after hours of searching through the woods. They sat down on a fallen tree trunk and rested before heading back home with their prize carried by its ant

Horror Scary Halloween Carving Hawaiian Shirt

Horror Scary Halloween Carving Hawaiian Shirt
Horror Scary Halloween Carving Hawaiian Shirt

The second I saw the shirt, I knew it would be a perfect Halloween costume. The pattern was so detailed and realistic that it looked just like a real shirt. It seemed to have everything a good horror movie or story has: spooky faces, blood stains, and even some slashes on the chest area! As soon as I put my hands on this masterpiece something felt off… there were no sleeves! In fact, all of the stitching had been removed from the fabric leaving only shreds of material hanging from an otherwise blank canvas.

The sound of the strings in the background was both eerie and soothing. The light from the candles flickered, creating shadows that danced around me. I shivered in anticipation as I took out my knife to carve into the pumpkin. My hands shook with adrenaline and anticipation for what would come next.

I couldn’t take it anymore so I wrapped my hand around the pumpkin’s neck, careful not to slice myself on any jagged edges, and began carving away until- “AHHHHHHH!” A scream escaped my lips at once when something wet brushed across them followed by a chilling laugh.

It was late October and the leaves of the tree outside my window were just starting to change. I had just finished carving a pumpkin for Halloween, but it didn’t turn out how I wanted.

I walked over to the garbage can with my not-so-perfect pumpkin in hand. A few seconds later, something caught my eye from inside the trash can! It was an old t-shirt that I had thrown away earlier this year because it had a big hole in it. As if on cue, two crows flew down and started pulling apart all of the trash that was spilling out onto the ground! The thought then hit me – if these birds manage to make something into art, why couldn’t I?

The crowd of people gathered around the carving table to watch as the man with his back to them takes a knife in hand and starts whittling away at the wood. The blade sinks into the wood smoothly, curving around grainy lines that are barely visible on first sight. A small gasp escapes someone’s mouth when he flips it over to reveal an intricately carved skull faced down on top of a black T-shirt before tossing it at one of his observers.
Wherever this shirt goes now, they’ll never forget what happened here tonight…

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