AFL Geelong Cats Personalized Baseball Jersey


AFL Geelong Cats Personalized Baseball Jersey


AFL Geelong Cats Personalized Baseball Jersey
AFL Geelong Cats Personalized Baseball Jersey

As a little girl, I always wanted to be like my older sisters. They were both involved in sports and they loved the Geelong Cats. One summer I asked my mom if she would buy me a baseball jersey. She looked at me and said that we couldn’t afford it because we had just moved into our new home and needed lots of renovations done on it before moving again. So instead, she bought me this personalized Jarrod Bancroft shirt with his name and number on the back for 18 dollars from Kmart because he was from Australia so nobody knew who he was yet…

As they walked back from the stadium after a hard-fought win, all Rod knew was that he had been craving those onion rings for hours. It didn’t matter that it was 10:00 pm and they were on their way to his girlfriend’s house – she would understand how important this was.
It turned out she did, as she pulled him into the kitchen by his shirt and got started right away. The smell of frying onions filled the air as Rod poured them onto a plate with some potato chips and grabbed two beers from her fridge before heading outside to enjoy them in her backyard. There they sat together until midnight, drinking beer and eating fried food, talking about nothing at all but enjoying each other’s company…

6 year old Billy was obsessed with his Geelong Cats, who had just lost to the Collingwood Magpies. He came running into the living room waving his green and yellow jersey for everyone to see after he heard about it on The Footy Show, “I’m so upset! I need my team’s colors back!”

AFL Geelong Cats Personalized Baseball Jersey

AFL Geelong Cats Personalized Baseball Jersey
AFL Geelong Cats Personalized Baseball Jersey

The Geelong Cats were a strong force in the AFL competition this year, and they secured their spot to play finals. They made it all the way to the grand final, but lost out by a very small margin. It was at that moment that Mrs. Quigley decided she would buy them something to remind them of their achievement for next season’s campaign – a personalized Australian Football League jersey! She purchased one from an online store and had her own name printed on it as well as each player’s number. Once they received them in the mail just before Christmas, they were so excited to wear these jerseys when taking part in their winter training sessions!

I’m just a normal guy who never thought he’d be on the front of a Geelong Cats Personalized Baseball Jersey.
The first time I saw my face on the back of one, I was so stoked! It’s even more amazing when you get to see your name and number in print across the front and sleeves.
It wasn’t until my mates started texting me congratulations that it hit me: they were congratulating ME for being selected in this year’s draft!

The Geelong Cats were once a struggling team. But now they’re on their way to becoming the best team in Australia
– and it’s all thanks to my jersey!

It was game day for the Geelong Cats and I needed something to wear. The only thing that came to mind was my old AFL Geelong Cats Personalized Baseball Jersey. It had holes in it, but there were no other options for me! This jersey has been with me since high school so, of course, I wanted to keep wearing it despite how tattered it looked. As soon as I put on this old favorite shirt, the memories flooded back into my head about being a kid playing here at home or watching all our games on TV with my family. My mom would always tell stories about how she grew up cheering for these boys too whenever they played their home games at Kardinia Park where we lived just down the road from

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